Money in the Bank is only a couple of days away now. So, whilst you’re waiting to watch the most unique ladder match in WWE history, why not refresh yourself with a look at the history of that infamous briefcase?

The first MITB took place at Wrestlemania 21 in 2005 and was the brain child of Chris Jericho. In an interview with Johnathan Coachman in 2016, Jericho revealed that the original idea was to get a title shot on the Raw after Mania, but there had to be that briefcase element in order to evaluate the next star. Obviously, things worked out slightly different from the original plan. The original match at Wrestlemania 21 consisted of Chris Benoit, Kane, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and the eventual winner of that inaugural match: Edge. Edge would then go on to have the briefcase for almost a calendar year, cashing in on John Cena at New Years Revolution 2006 to win his first world title.


WRESTLEMANIA 21 – Winner: Edge


WRESTLEMANIA 23 – Winner: Mr Kennedy (Lost contract to Edge)

WRESTLEMANIA 24 – Winner: CM Punk

WRESTLEMANIA 25 – Winner: CM Punk

WRESTLEMANIA 26 – Winner: Jack Swagger

MITB 2010 – Winners: SMACKDOWN: Kane. RAW: The Miz

MITB 2011 – Winners: SMACKDOWN: Daniel Bryan. RAW: Alberto Del Rio

MITB 2012 – Winners: SMACKDOWN: Dolph Ziggler. RAW: John Cena

MITB 2013 – Winners: SMACKDOWN: Damien Sandow. RAW: Randy Orton

MITB 2014 – Winner: Seth Rollins

MITB 2015 – Winner: Sheamus

MITB 2016 – Winner: Dean Ambrose

MITB 2017 – Winners: Baron Corbin. Carmella x2

MITB 2018 – Winners: Braun Strowman. Alexa Bliss

MITB 2019 – Winners: Brock Lesnar. Bayley

Now, not everyone who has won the briefcase has gone on to cash it in successfully, but if you want to watch every successful cash in then you can do so here:

There have only been 4 failed attempts of cashing in the MITB brief case in WWE History: John Cena, Baron Corbin, Damien Sandow and Braun Strowman. Watch the top 10 failed cash in attempts here:

So, now that you have caught up with all of the MITB winners, those who successfully cashed in as well as those who will go down in history for failing, you can sit back this Sunday night and watch what will surely be the most unique MITB match in WWE history. 12 Superstars: 6 men and 6 women, will start on the ground floor of Titan Towers and fight their way up to the roof to then attempt to climb that ladder. Both matches will also take place simultaneously for the first time ever, which could throw up some of the most unique ladder match spots in history!

My 2020 MITB predictions: AJ Styles and Nia Jax could win the briefcases. But, if you were to ask me who I would like to see win? I would go with Aleister Black and Asuka.

What ever the outcome, surely this could well be a match still talked about in years to come.

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