Today we will take a look back at the 399 day title reign of Becky Lynch. Was this the greatest title run in WWE history?

On November 12 2018, Smackdown invaded Raw in a build up to the annual Raw v Smackdown Survivor Series event. On this fateful night, Becky went on to suffer a concussion and broken nose at the hands of Nia Jax, removing her from her highly anticipated match with Rhonda Rousey.

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What would have been a huge setback for most competitors was actually the catalyst for Becky giving us one of the most iconic images in WWE history – Becky Lynch standing defiant and covered in her own blood. Becky then went on to win the 2019 Royal Rumble, setting up a triple threat match at Wrestlemania 35 against Rhonda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. This was to be no normal Wrestlemania match, however, in fact this was how Becky changed the landscape of WWE forever and go on to capture both the Raw and Smackdown women’s titles in the very first match where women headlined in the showcase of immortals.

Becky later went on to announce her pregancy, leading her to drop the title to MITB winner Asuka on Raw – but let’s have a look at what she accomplished as champion.


In total, Becky had 121 matches during her 399 day reign – including tv, live events, and PPVS. She went on to defeat Lacey Evans a shocking 44 times, Asuka 22 times, and Charlotte Flair 15 times. Becky also headlined more PPVs after winning at Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, and TLC 2019; becoming the only woman in WWE history to headline 3 PPVs.


Not only has Becky achieved great success in the ring, but she has now been recognised outside of it too. Becky was Pro Wrestling Ilustrated’s most popular wrestler of the year in 2019, as well as being ranked the number 1 woman wrestler. (On a side note the fact that male and female wrestlers are ranked on separate lists should stop, and these athletes should be judged on their in-ring work and not gender).

Becky has gone onto replace John Cena as the face of WWE in the media, with huge focus in the media representing WWE with ESPN and FOX. She has now been featured on the front cover of the annual WWE 2k video game. For most of 2019, Becky was the number 1 in merch sales on WWE shop and WWE Euroshop, only to be passed by at the end of that year with Bray Wyatt taking the crown. A woman selling merchandise to these levels is completely unheard of in professional wrestling. Even in the heyday of Lita’s popularity, her merchandise sales never came close to these levels.

Beckys acommplishments have now started to spill out into the world of tv and Hollywood, as she recently appeared in HBO’s ‘Billions’ and the upcoming sports animated comedy movie ‘Rumble’ scheduled for 2021.

It’s easy to focus on the numbers of any title reign in wrestling, but to me Becky’s 399 day title reign was so much more. She took a progressive women’s wrestling evolution and shot it to the next level, showing everyone that the glass ceiling has now been shattered, opening the doors to a whole new generation of female wrestlers. Personally, I think Becky having to drop the title without losing it is the perfect ending to the most important title reign in wrestling history. If and when Becky comes back, one thing is for sure – The Man will be coming back around to collect the title she never lost.

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