Ring of Honor wrestling will soon be returning to our TV screens after shutting down due to Covid-19 concerns. Unfortunately, we won’t yet get to see our favorite Irish wrestler straight away due to world travel being interruptions because of the pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t get excited for Session Moth Martina returning to our screens soon.

After several years appearing on the indies, Martina signed her first major wrestling contract with Ring Of Honor, debuting at Free Enterprise and defeating Sumi Sakai.

Lets take a look at Martina’s career and accomplishments:

Martina made her debut back in 2011, wrestling in Main Stage Wrestling in Dublin Ireland, under the name Kazza G. In 2012 she then began to appear in Pro Wrestling Ulster and Celtic Championship Wrestling. After being a main stay in the CCW promotion for a while, she then made her debut in Ireland’s top promotion OTTW in their debut event in 2014. She may have been on the losing team at the debut of OTTW premier event ‘ScrapperMania’ in March 2015, but she later defeated one of the top talents in women’s wrestling: Toni Storm. However, she was then to go on to lose in ScapperMania for the second consecutive year in 2016, this time losing to Jinny.


In 2016 we saw Martina make the jump to the UK scene, debuting in Preston City Wrestling and one of Europe’s premier promotions – ICW, feuding with Kay Lee Ray. 2017 then saw the debut of Martina in Pro-Wrestling EVE – one of Britain’s top all woman wrestling companies, defeating Jetta in her debut match. This was also the year she made her debut in Progress Wrestling, arguably the top indie promotion in the UK, debuting at chapter 44 ‘Old Man Yells at Cloud’, in a losing effort to Dahlia Black.


In 2017 Martina continued to branch out, appearing in new promotions and adding the likes of Fight Club Pro and Southside Wrestling Entertainment to her already growing resume. August of 2017 saw Martina win the OTTW women’s title, defeating Kate Harvey in the National Stadium in Ireland. During the tail end of 2017 Martina branched out even further in the European wrestling scene, debuting in German promotion XWX with a losing effort to Killer Kelly in the WXW women’s championship tournament. December of 2017 saw Martina and Kay Lee Ray win the OTTW Gender neutral championship, defeating the Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz and B Cool).


The beginning of 2018 saw Martina claim another championship – this time defeating Kasey for the ICW Women’s title at the 7th annual ‘Square Go’ event. However, this title reign was to be short lived. She dropped the title to Viper the following night. In March, Martina lost the OTTW Gender Neutral title to LJ Clearly. April then saw Martina make her USA debut, appearing in the ‘Beyond/WWR’ PPV in a losing tag team match with Orange Cassidy, losing to Penelope Ford and Joey Janela. 2 days later she then appeared during a Battle Royal on Joey Janela’s ‘Spring Break 2’ PPV. April of 2018 saw Martina take her biggest leap in wrestling to date, as she made her debut in Japan, wrestling for Stardom in a winning tag effort with partners Bea Priestley and Chardonnay defeating Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, and Natsu Sumire. Martina quickly went on to have a ‘Wonder of Stardom’ title match shot, losing to Io Sharai. After this defeat, Martina then lost out to Bea Priestley in the first round of the 2018 ‘Cinderella’ tournament. Martina’s final appearance on this first Japanese tour came in a losing tag team match with partner Natsu Sumire, losing to Zoe Lucas and Tam Nakano.

Martina’s next title shot was to come in North Wrestling during July 2018, wrestling for the North championship in a losing effort to Rory Coyle.

Martina was then also on the losing end in ICW’s ‘SHUG’S HOOSE PARTY 5’ in a triple threat match for the ICW womans title, with Viper victorious over Martina and Kasey. November of 2018 saw Martina return for her second tour in Japan, returning for Stardom’s ‘Goddesses of Stardom’ Tag League tournament. The end of 2018 saw Martina debut in Bar Wrestling, unfortunately in a losing effort.


In 2019 Martina returned to OTTW for a handicap tag team cage match, which saw her, Paddy M, and Workie lose out to The Kings of the North for the OTTW tag team titles. In March, Martina then lost out to women’s wrestling legend Meiko Satomura at ‘Scrappermania 5’.

The end of March 2019 saw Martina debut in a winning effort in Shimmer, defeating Jenna Lynn and Phoebe along with her partner Rok-C. Wrestlemania 35 week saw Martina make several appearances in New York wrestling at Fight Club Pro, Stardom, Joey Ryan’s Penis Party and GCW.

In May of 2019, Martina and Lana Austin captured the SWE tag titles from Jack Sexsmith and Stixx, before quickly losing them on the same night. In the same month, Martina then lost out in a fatal-4-way title match for the Progress women’s title which saw Jordyn Grace win over Martina, Millie McKenzie, and Nina Samuels. This month also saw Martina branch out again, this time making her debut in Australia with Melbourne City Wrestling where she defeated Avary and lost to Indi Hartwell. In June, Martina then took on Impact wrestling star Su Yung at EVE Wrestling ‘Queendom 2’.

November of 2019 saw a return to Stardom in Japan, with Martina taking part in the ‘Goddesses of Stardom’ tag league for the second year running, where she teamed up with Natsu Sumire.


Martina finished her third tour of Japan in January of 2020 in a 8 woman tag match, teaming with fellow Oedo Tai members Kagetsu, Natsuko Tora, and Natsu Sumire, defeating Itsuki Hoshino, Saya Kamitani, Saya Iida, and Tam Nakano.

After winning her debut match in Ring of Honour, she then lost her follow up match to Angelina Love at ROH ‘Gateway to Honor’. Martina’s final match of 2020 (so far) was with EVE pro wrestling where she lost out to Skye Smitson.

2020 has been the most challenging year for the wrestling industry. Session Moth Martina may have had to temporarily halt the most exciting year of her life in pro-wrestling, but when this pandemic ends, I would recommend you watch this space – as one of the most exciting and charismatic wrestlers to come out of Ireland takes over the wrestling world again.



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