If you are a wrestling fan, you’ve probably had a wrestling figure collection at some point in your life. For me, it started when I was 6 when my dad bought me my first WWF Hasbro figure, which was Hulk Hogan I believe. As with any figure collection, some can be great, some not so great – and some even turning out to be those horrifically terrible looking toys that belong in nightmares or horror movies, along with Chucky in ‘Childs Play’.

In this blog we will take a look at the 10 worst wrestling figures you could ever imagine!


First up is WCW who brought us this amazing Chris Jericho figure, which also included a lion – of all things. The WCW Ring Masters line of figures were designed to have the wrestlers emulate their nickname in a larger than life persona, and it should be noted that Bret the Hitman Hart was a mobster hit-man in the same line.


Next up is WCW again, who once again thought they could take a crack at a unique line of figures. I struggle to think what kid in their right mind woke up one morning and decided: ‘You know what – I definitely need to rush to the toy shop today and grab that Sting action figure with the popping out gross eyes’. Again, the Gross-Out line would prove to be a huge failure for WCW.


Next is one of the most disturbing figures I have ever seen. In theory, the Ring Giants figures were a good idea – but this RVD figure is the stuff of nightmares, and his pained expression leaves us wondering just how bad his trip to the toilet was.


Muscle mass and a belly button are the kind of features that any professional wrestler has – and normally these can be seen on their action figures – but this classic Eddie Guerrero has everything missing. The figure looks more like it was made by an employee working their last day who decided not to finish the figure. In what should be a desired figure for any collector, this is a complete disaster.


Ok, I would love to know who was the brains behind the WWF Maximum Sweat line. This Road Dogg figure resembles an X-Men character on steroids more than a WWF superstar. What makes it even worse is the idea behind the figure – you had to fill a hole in the back of it with water to make it ‘sweat’ (yeah, really) and the figure came with the tag line of ‘Official Federation Sweat’. Nice.


Ahmed Johnson was one of the biggest power house wrestlers in the WWF during the mid 90’s, but this figure fails to capture anything of what Johnson was. The only way that this even resembles Ahmed in any way is if he was on a 100-day hunger strike. Much like a lot of the over the top WCW lines, the WWF STOMP figures were a complete failure and it’s not difficult to see why.


Up next is two for one! WWF released a Managers series of figures in the mid 1990’s, but both of these Sable and Marc Mero figures are things I can never unsee. Mero was known as the ‘Wild Man’ during his WWF run – and those eyes are certainly wild! The only redeeming thing that came with this double pack was a bonus display base, not that you would want to be caught dead with these on display.


A couple of years after the Managers double pack, Sable would get her own limited edition figure. It is said that Sable may not have been the most popular person in the locker room, so maybe that somehow reflected in her merchandise. Complete with a costume that resembled more a bootleg Barbarella, the only redeeming thing this figure had was that there was only 5000 of them ever made.


Owen Hart was one of greatest to ever step in the ring. In all honesty, Owen never did a thing to deserve such a monstrosity like this figure, and at no point did he ever have red hair or was ever this ripped! Whoever designed this figure and allowed it to reach the open market should frankly should never be allowed to make another toy again.


Up last is this Andre the Giant figure from the famed LJN line. Now, the problem here is that Andre was actually known as the 8th wonder of the world – and, well, this figure kind of resembles a slim mid-80’s jobber on his way to the ring to be defeated by Hulk Hogan in 30 seconds. Despite LJN having some fantastic figures, this one may have been their worst effort and captured nothing right about Andre.

Do you have any of these figures in your collection? Or have you seen a worse figure than these 10? Drop us a picture in our comments section below.

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