Jeff Jarrett talks about upcoming Owen Hart cup in AEW

During a recent interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast” WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett shared his thoughts on the upcoming Owen Hart Cup which will be presented by AEW.

Jeff had the following to say:

I was elated. I was super excited. You know at the end of the day, Martha, Oje and Athena, they absolutely know the husband, the father, the family man, that Owen was as did us that were friends and knew him personally and professionally. But there’s a entirely new generation of professional wrestling fans and I was just talking somebody recently, they asked me about this and you know, whether it’s trials or tribulations or championships or whatever it may be – those definitely just come and go but a legacy is something that lives on forever. Owens legacy of not only the human being he was but the incredible athlete and the performer. He, like myself, grew up in this industry. His father was a promoter. My father was a promoter, that was our original connection. So you know, the family band and travelling up and down the roads and everything that goes with that.

You can the full interview below



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