AEW Dynamite Thanksgiving (Eve) 11/24 Chicago, Illinois.

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means! 

If you were looking for the Golden Egg, I hate to break it to you – but you won’t find it here! Sad to report that the Golden Egg did NOT sign with AEW, but hey – I’m glad it was found. 

We are welcomed to the show by the three man broadcast team of Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Good Ole J.R. 

CM Punk def. QT Marshall

We begin as CM Punk walks out to his home city of Chicago. The place went absolutely nuts for him. Punk’s music is cut off as he enters the ring by none other than MJF – with a microphone! This is going to be GOOD! The two top men in this industry with amazing mic skills about to square off in a verbal battle and believe me, it gets REAL! 

MJF brings up Punk’s infamous “Pipe Bomb” promo, and his quitting obviously, because why wouldn’t he? He talks about how quick of a UFC career Punk had. Someone’s a little salty he wasn’t named as one of the guys in the locker room that Punk wanted to face…!

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

It’s Punk’s turn to talk. He says that MJF equals ‘My Jealous Fan’. Punk says he did what no one else could do and shut MJF up without speaking – and even calls him a less famous Miz! 

MJF retorts by calling Punk nostalgia while quoting his “Pipe Bomb” promo. He leans into Punk and says his breath smells like sh*t! Must be cause of all the ass kissing he’s been doing since he returned. He calls him ‘PG Punk’ and says that he might as well be preaching Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect – except he can see him. MJF calls him second best to ‘You Can’t See Me’ man and ‘King of Kings’ man. 

Punk fires back saying while he was selling-out Madison Square Garden, MJF was marking out for Rosie O’Donnell. Punk says MJF is so delusional that he doesn’t realize Britt Baker took over his pillar status of the company. Punk then says the only way MJF can be number one in this company is if Tony Khan had a daughter for MJF to marry.

Punk wants to fight but MJF leaves.

Finally, the first match starts with QT Marshall. This was surprisingly a pretty good match! Lots of back-and-forth, and the crowd seemed to really be into it. I mean it is Punk in Chicago, so why wouldn’t they be? Punk hits the G.T.S and the match is over. Punk is still undefeated.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Next, Tony Schiavone is backstage with Christian Cage and Jurassic Express. He says they are on a roll with a lot of momentum. Jurassic Express are the number one ranked tag team and Christian will make sure they win the titles. I have a bad feeling Christian Cage will be turning on Jurassic Express pretty soon. 

We’re back from commercial and Eddie Kingston is in the back eating when Daniel Garcia and 2 point 0 interrupt him. They bring up Moxley which sets Eddie off – he tries to fight them but they are separated rather quickly. 

Gunn Club def. Bear Country

This is what we call a last-minute filler match, mainly to build up the story-line between the Gunn Club and Darby Allin and Sting. The crowd is really not into this match. Gunn Club picks up the victory. 

Gunn Club are celebrating in the ring with their hands raised when Darby’s music hits and out walks Sting! One of the G.C members runs to attack him but is absolutely LAID OUT by Darby. He and Sting head to the ring but the G.C exits as we go to the next segment.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Next, we get an announcement about ‘Battle for the Belts’ which will be held on Saturday January 8th in Charlotte, North Carolina, on TNT. 

We then see Bobby Fish and Adam Cole in the back, still upset over the past two weeks. Cole says the Bucks aren’t cleared yet, but that’s ok because he’s with his best friend Bobby Fish. Enter Best Friends. Cole asks Chuck Taylor where Trent is? Cole and Fish leave. 

We’re back from break and Tony is in a back room with Lio Rush and Dante Martin and Team Taz. It looks like team Taz has a contract for Martin if he wants to sign? Taz hands him a pen but Lio grabs it and says that this is business he wants no part of. Dante then grabs the pen from Lio and signs the contract and leaves with Team Taz… Lio is stunned and so is the crowd – but they are excited because we are going to get some INSANE matches between Dante Martin and Lio Rush!

TBS Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match. Thunder Rosa def. Jamie Hayter (with Britt Baker & Rebel)

The crowd is really into this match from the start. These two women are putting on a pretty decent match – very back-and-forth, just building the crowd up. Thunder Rosa rolls up Hayter but Rebel distracted the referee. Britt gets in the ring and pulls Rosa off. Hayter then holds Rosa so Britt can kick her, but Rosa moves out of the way as Britt kicks Hayter square in the face. Rosa then throws Britt into Rebel, focuses her attention back to Hayter and rolls her up to pick up the win.

This feud between Rosa and Baker is far from over. Hayter is pissed and shoves Britt. Is that friendship crumbling? Thunder Rosa advances to the semi finals and will face Jade Cargill.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Next, Alex Marvez is in the back with ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho. Alex is about to ask Chris what’s next for the Inner Circle, but is interrupted by Daniel Garcia and 2 point 0. Man these guys just love to interrupt everyone! Jericho advises them to get chains and board up their house cause Eddie Kingston is going to DESTROY them! Chris calls one of the 2 point 0 members SpongeBob Squarepants because his head is a square shape. We even get a SpongeBob chant from the crowd! Chris ends by saying that if they ever interrupt him again he will kick their teeth down their throat. He wishes Alex and Us a Happy Thanksgiving as we go to commercial break. 

It’s now time for Britt’s ‘Friendsgiving’ with Rebel and her BFF Tony. She is upset that Rosa won and hopes she loses in the next round. Tony’s got some bad news. Apparently, during the Casino Battle Royal at All Out, Riho was never eliminated, thus this Friday it will be Britt Baker vs. Riho – and if Riho wins she gets a shot at the AEW Woman’s World Championship. Britt is not happy! She says that Tony ruined Halloween and now Thanksgiving. He’s not invited to the Christmas party. He even tries to do the D.M.D finger gesture but Britt says no. Very disappointing! 

Bryan Danielson def. Colt Cabana

Bryan Danielson walks out and gets booed. ‘Let’s go Colt’ chants echo the arena. It’s a slow start, but the crowd is really into it. Lots of chops and kicks. These two used to tear it down in the old Ring of Honor days, and now they are showcasing their talents on a much bigger stage. Colt is still very impressive, but obviously it’s mostly because of Danielson. Bryan could have a match with a mop and still get a five star match from Meltzer. Bryan does that kick to the face thing he does – and legit knocks one of Colt’s teeth out. Bryan makes Colt tap but still holds the submission on him.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

After the match, Tony goes into the ring to talk to Bryan. He says that this is a much different reaction he’s getting since his debut at All Out. He says that Dynamite is in Atlanta next week and he heard a few members of the Dark Order are from there. It looks like he’s keeping up with his promise of kicking the heads in of every Dark Order member until he gets to Adam Page!

Speaking of Page, here he comes now! ‘Cowboy Sh*t’ rings through the arena – he’s extremely over at the moment! He wants to fight and defend the title now but Bryan isn’t having any of that. Page even offers a free shot. Bryan is about to leave but turns around and slaps the ever loving hell out of Page! There’s a little fight and Page tries to hit the Buck Shot Lariat but Bryan exits the ring. I seriously can not wait for that match! I’m guessing January 8th at Battle of the Belts.

We then get a quick build up video for this coming Rampage. Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston. Black Friday deal match: Britt Baker D.M.D vs Riho. If Riho wins, she gets a title shot. Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Best Friend members Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta.

Next week on Dynamite it’s the last match of the Quarter Finals in the TBS Championship Tournament: Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho. We see a hype video setting up the match. That’s going to be a pretty good match! Tony Khan will announce more matches from Dynamite on the upcoming episode of Rampage.

And now it’s Main Event time! 

Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo & FTR def. Cody Rhodes, Pac & Lucha Bros

This actually has potential to be incredible! We start with a stare down between all 8 men in the ring. Cody starts off the match for his team and gets booed right off the bat! When is that looming heel turn going to happen?!

This match had a lot going on at once and was a little difficult to keep track of. Cody gets caught in the opposing corner and gets beat down. Fans were even cheering. These men are putting on quite the show! All 8 men are down, scattered in and outside of the ring. Tully followed by Arn enter the ring! They stare each other down looking to fight each other. Andrade’s assistant comes into the ring and Tully and Arn look at each other and just knock him out! FTR comes back into the fold as Tully and Arn both leave the ring. Lucha bros take care of FTR.

The match has now resumed with the participants. Andrade is laying in the ring as Pac goes to the top. Malakai Black then spits the mist into Pac’s eye and tosses him into the ring. Andrade hits him with his finisher and picks up the win! Fantastic match!

Dynamite ends with Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo & FTR raising their hands in victory.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

What an amazing Dynamite! I did not want that show to end! I was invested in all of it! If I would grade it, I would grade it A-. It did not need that Gunn Club vs Bear Country match at all, although I get why they added it on the card. 

That promo in the beginning with MJF and CM Punk was fantastic! I’m sure a lot of people are getting sick of the WWE references but it’s getting a pop from the crowd so I can see why they continuously go to the well with it. 

And with that being said it’s time I bid you farewell and see you next time!

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