AEW Dynamite 1/05/22 Newark, NJ review

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means! We are back with the recaps after the holiday break, and this time we are on TBS!

We are welcomed by Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Good Old JR (who returned last week from skin cancer treatment)

We get a rundown of tonight’s card. Three championships on the line and we start off with the rematch of Winter is Coming.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship “Hangman” Adam Page Def. Bryan Danielson

First off let me say I was on break the last time these two had a match, so I just wanted to talk quickly about how freaking incredible that match was and the potential this match has tonight. I also wanted to say that I totally predicted that it would end in a time draw and that’s exactly what happened! 

Now on to this match. For round two we have judges for this match this time around. The judges are Paul Wight, Jerry Lynn, and Mark Henry. They are there just in case this match goes the full hour time limit like it did last time. You can tell Bryan is dragging it out hoping it gets to that point. Moments before the picture in picture commercial break Bryan throws Adam into the steel steps and blood has been drawn.

We are back from the break. Danielson looks to be in control this match. He is really working that laceration on Page’s forehead. Multiple headbutts by Bryan.Page with a momentum swing. These two have been tearing it up this match and last match they had! Such good chemistry. There was a CRAZY Suplex spot! I’ve never seen anything like that.

There’s a battle outside with the metal turn post. Bryan is now busted open a little. And we get another picture in picture commercial. Good these two need a quick breather. During this break, Bryan has just been sitting on the outside getting checked on because that cut on his head is gnarly! He even kind of pushed a medical trainer away. Wow a commercial for Wipeout featuring John Cena aired! Cena is All Elite! Just kidding!

Back from the break and Adam with multiple headbutts to Bryan opening that wound up more. Page with a deadeye to Bryan on the outside. Back in the ring for Adam and Bryan. Page goes for buckshot lariat, but Bryan just falls. Bryan then gets the lablelock on Page but manages to get out of it. Both men are just a bloodied mess!

Page comes with the buckshot again but Bryan moves out of the way and hits him with the running knee. Bryan looks more busted open than Adam. Both men on their knees just headbutting each other. Now back to their feet continuing the head butts. A quick look at the judges.

It’s time for Bryan to kick his head in. Page now in control. He’s going for the lariat again! Can he connect? He does! 1…2….3! IT’S OVER! Bryan has finally lost in AEW! WHAT A MATCH THIS WAS!

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Next up MJF is in Action.

Back from the commercial break and we see The Acclaimed in the back. They are talking about the match with Darby Allin last week. They announce are doing a music video next week.

“Captain” Shawn Dean Def. MJF

MJF comes out and flips the bird to the crowd on the side of the ramp. He’s legit the best heel in the business right now! I don’t care what anyone says. This man is money! 

The bell rings and the match is about to start but CM Punk runs into the ring and MJF leaves and heads to the ramp. Punk then delivers the GTS to Dean…Weird! The bell rings as Justin Roberts announces that your winner by Disqualification is Shawn Dean! Holy crap we got a DQ in AEW!! I can count how many DQ’s they’ve done on one hand. MJF is FURIOUS! The records reset in the beginning of the year so currently MJF is 0-1…I’m loving this build up between Punk and MJF! 

Punk says this is what’s going to happen week after week until MJF stops acting like a little bitch and steps into the ring with Punk. MJF makes fun of New Jersey. Punk says at least they are winners. Punk says its going to be hard for MJF to fight for a title if he keeps losing. MJF is talking and we get a Shut the F Up chant. He asks why Punk is still trying to fight him when last week he said he was done with MJF. Good point but hey story building am I right? We get a PG Punk chant. They are talking about how Roddy Piper was talented enough to headline a WrestleMania unlike Punk. MJF says maybe someday when he leaves, he’ll headline a WrestleMania too. Punk is laughing. Punk says all he’s trying to do is kick his ass and MJF just keeps talking. He tells MJF if he thinks the grass is greener on the other side then be my guest and leave if he wants to headline night 4 of a buy one gets one free extravaganza and get released faster then he lasts in bed then by all means. I honestly spit my drink out when I was watching this by the way. Punk says he will still be there waiting for him to return so he can kick his ass.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF is asking and pandering to the crowd if they want that match. He says you want the match?! Then next week it will be CM Punk vs. Wardlow! We get a bullshit chant. Punk says bring on Wardlow because eventually MJF is going to run out of people to hide behind.

We get a hype video talking about the inaugural Battle of the Belts Saturday 1/8/22 mainly the match between Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara. 

Here comes Chris Jericho to the ring. He returned last week to help Eddie Kingston and Santana and Ortiz against Daniel Garcia and 2-point O. The crowd loves to sing this song. Everywhere they go. I mean it is a great song. Fozzy actually isn’t bad in my opinion. Anyways back to Jericho. 

He talks about the first episode of Dynamite on TBS. And of course, there was a TBS chant. Jericho hasn’t been on TBS since 1999 when he had a match against Booker T. Jericho didn’t come out to help Eddie last week. He just wanted revenge on 2-point O. Speaking of them here they come. These two are very entertaining. Watch BTE on Mondays on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. Jericho calls them Terrance and Phillip from South Park. Now I can’t unsee and unhear it. Jericho makes fun of one of the member’s square head. Jericho leaves the ring and grabs the bat. Here comes Daniel Garcia. It’s a 3 on 1 attack and here comes Santana, Ortiz and Kingston.

We see Jake Atlas’ debut from Dark on Monday.

We see Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly in the back. It’s crazy to see Undisputed Era in AEW. Adam Cole challenges Jake Atlas.

Wardlow (w/ Shawn Spears) Def. Antonio Zambrano

Remember what I said earlier about Wardlow in action? Yeah, literally happened as I called it. Five Powerbombs. They are giving Wardlow the Ryback treatment. No chair shots so I got that part wrong but still. I think after MJF and Punk finally have their match, we are going to get MJF vs Wardlow. Looks to me they are building towards that.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

We see a replay of Layla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. Their relationship crumbling. 

TBS Championship Tournament Finals.

Jade Cargill Def. Ruby Soho

This is it! The winner of this match will be the inaugural TBS Champion! That belt looks beautiful as all hell! Jade is undefeated. I honestly knew that the finals would be between these two women. 

Pretty solid start. Jade is in control in the beginning. Ruby rolls to the outside and here comes Mercedes Martinez trying to get in Ruby’s face but here comes Thunder Rosa who was screwed out of her match last week by Martinez. 

The match continues in the picture and picture commercial break. They wrestle for a bit on the apron. Jade still in control of this match. Very dominant performance by Jade. Back from the break and Ruby is making a comeback momentarily. Ruby with a near fall after Jade’s manager Mark Sterling was ejected from ringside. 

Jade on the top turnbuckle with Ruby and hits her finisher the Jaded off the top. Jade is the NEW AND FIRST EVER TBS Champion. Jade’s daughter is in the crowd with tears running down her cheek. What a moment for Jade and her daughter. They didn’t show it on TV but Jade would walk up the ramp with the title over one shoulder and her daughter on the other shoulder.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

We get a backstage segment with JR talking to Serena Deeb. They talk about the rivalry between Deeb and Shida. Deeb says Shida got a couple of fluke victories and that won’t happen again. She wants to be the best in this division. It will be Deeb vs. Shida on Dynamite next week. 

Malakai Black Def. Brian Pillman Jr. (w/ Julia Hart)

If I’m being honest this really wasn’t a good match. It was literally supposed to be a build up for the story of Black and the Lucha Bros. There was a spot where Brian went to do some flip off the ropes but slipped on the ropes (it looked like it hurt a bit) he got up and immediately gets kicked in the face. Match over!

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Lucha Bros. come out because of what Malakai did to the bastard Pac. The lights go out and on and Black is on the ramp heading to the back. 

Tony Schiavone is in the back with Ruby and Britt Baker with Jamie Hayter and Rebel. They exchange words and Britt hits her with an elbow. Riho comes to help as all the women are being separated.

We get a rundown of the matches for Rampage. Adam Cole vs. Jake Atlas. No DQ, No Rules, No Holds Barred match between Daniel Garcia and 2pointO vs. Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. Aaron Solo vs. Hook side note the crowd went NUTS when that graphic got put on the screen in the arena. You can hear the Hook chants. Very loud pop for a picture of Hook. We hear from Solo and QT Marshall. They talk about how terrible of a kid Hook is in QT’s school. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and Jamie Hayter vs. Riho and Ruby Soho. 

We get a rundown of the two matches for Battle of the Belts Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D defends her title against Riho plus Cody Rhodes defends the TNT title against Sammy Guevarra. 

Confirmed so far for next weeks Dynamite is CM Punk vs. Wardlow. Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin. And now its main event time!

AEW World Tag Team Championship

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage) Def. Lucha Bros.

Two very good teams on this roster and this match has potential to be amazing! I love Penta’s gear. Looking like the Joker. Such a cool look.

Solid start. Lots of back and forth as you would expect. Again, Luchasaurus is so agile for his size, it’s insane! The crowd is into this and so am I. While watching this match, it was hard to figure out exactly who would come out on top.

Back from the picture in picture commercial break and the action is still back and forth. The Lucha Bros go for their finisher, but the lights go out. Then they come back on…weird. The false finishes make Alex Abrahantes bring out a table. That could be a BIG mistake!

Luchasaurus is on the apron and Rey jumps from inside the ring to the ropes and Luchasaurus catches him and choke slams him through the table. Rey is hurt. His arm just got DESTROYED as he was being slammed through the table. Believe me when I say that his arm should not have gone the way it did. It bent the exact opposite way. I seriously hope Rey is ok and for a speedy recovery because that looked HORRIBLE!! Medical is checking on Rey and I think Penta got word of what happened. Jungle Boy picks up the win for the team. AND NEW Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express! 

Christian comes in to celebrate with them as they show highlights from the match. We see nearly all the tag teams on the roster come out on the stage as they all look at the new champions. We even see Jericho, Malakai Black, Santana and Ortiz in the suite boxes watching the match. The show ends with Jurassic Express in the ring and the rest of the Tag Teams looking on.

Photo Credit: All Elite wrestling

And now its time for my grade of the show. I would grade it a B. There were a few things I didn’t like. The Malakai vs Pillman match was very lackluster for me. It’s like, ok you beat the Varsity Blondes, cool now what? Also, why the Varsity Blondes? Who knows but hopefully that feud is over but I’m willing to bet that it isn’t?

Bryan vs Page II was once again incredible. Those two have such good chemistry together. I don’t think this is the last time we see these two face off. Now we all wonder who is next for “Hangman” Adam Page?

Now let’s talk about that Tag Team Title match because I think that ending was supposed to go MUCH DIFFERENTLY! First off there were rumors going around on the internet all day before Dynamite that Brody King was making his AEW debut and becoming a member of the House of Black with Malakai Black of course. During the match when the lights went off, was probably a hint that he was coming at the end of the match, that was until Rey’s injury. I think that originally the Lucha Bros were supposed to retain the titles and the lights would of went off again and Malakai would be standing in the ring. Then the lights would go off again and back on to reveal Brody King setting up House of Black vs. Lucha Bros down the line but obviously they switched the ending on the fly. Now they did show Black in the crowd watching but he could have been sent there real fast because of the finish switch. Brody King will eventually make his debut but now I’m thinking against the Varsity Blondes. Like its Black vs. Brian again but Griff comes out before the match starts and they beat him up and the lights go out and on and there’s King. That’s my prediction for that. And with that ill bid you farewell and see you next week for AEW Dynamite!

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