Eric Bischoff says Tony Khan reminds him of Dixie Carter


On the latest episode of the 83 weeks podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed Tony Khan’s recent comments comparing Jade Cargill to Goldberg.

During the comments Bischoff made his own comparison by stating that Khan currently reminds him of former Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter.

You can see Bischoff’s comments below:

“I’m not a big New Year’s resolution guy, but every once in a while I’ll reach a point where I’ll just wake up one day and go, ‘You know, I want to change the direction of my life. I want to change the way I look at things or respond to things,’” Bischoff said. “I’ll really don’t want to be that guy that’s always taking shots or being critical because that’s not who I am. When people ask me a question I’m always as honest as I can be, and I try to be honest in a way that’s not mean or nasty for the sake of being nasty. I say all that because right now, I’m trying really hard to stick to that resolution and not just say what comes to the top of my mind.”

“I don’t know Jade Cargill. I don’t know anything about Jade Cargill. I’ve seen her live maybe once or twice. She’s a very, very impressive looking individual from what I recall. I don’t watch a lot of her work so it’s not fair for me to comment, but she looked very green,” Bischoff said. “She’s new. She’s learning. She has amazing talent and she’s probably going to go on to be a big star someday, but she’s not now. Why would you make a comparison like that to Bill Goldberg? Probably about 90% of the people that hear that, read that are going to go, ‘What?’”

“When I hear comments like that out of Tony, it reminds me very much of Dixie Carter and TNA. Dixie Carter had a habit of making announcements that were going to get great social media reactions, but very rarely could follow them up,” Bischoff said. “‘We’re going to make an announcement that’s going to change the wrestling world!’ How many times did we hear that coming out of Dixie and TNA, and then they didn’t deliver? After a while, the audience begins to lose confidence in people that talk like that. When you make everything such a big deal and it really isn’t, people begin to learn that you’re just not a big deal.”

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