Bobby Lashley on why he wanted out of Day 1 main event


Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley recently revealed on WWE’s After The Bell, that he was unhappy about Brock Lesnar being added to main event at Day1.

Lashley in fact went on to say he wanted out of the match when he learned that Lesnar had been added to the main event.

You can see Lashley’s comments below:

“The first thing I said was, I said, ‘get me out of the match,’” he admitted. “I said, ‘it’s a fatal 4-way, me and MVP can do something beforehand, get me out of the match’. Initially, people were like, ‘what? Are you scared of him?’ No, I’m not scared of him, it’s a match where exactly what happened, happened.

“He beats somebody else and got the title,” Lashley said. “So essentially he can say he beat me, Seth, Big E & Kevin right? I mean, the match is five people and I was like, ‘that’s not the way this is going down, get me out of the match’. And they were like, ‘nah, nah, you got to stay in the match,’ and I was like, ‘alright’.”

“There was kind of a lot of people that were like, not happy about it,” he said. “But I looked it as, ‘at first, get me out of the match, but if I’m staying in the match, then interactions we have with Brock, I have to make a statement.”

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