Paul Heyman talks about whether social media would have helped ECW or not


Former ECW owner Paul Heyman made a recent appearance on Cassio’s Cut. During the interview Heyman discussed the booking of ECW and gave his thoughts on how he would have utilised social media platforms.

You can see Heyman’s comments below:

We would’ve exploited it like every other opportunity and every other platform that we had,” Heyman said. “I can’t tell you that it would have hurt ECW because if it hurt ECW then I wouldn’t have been doing my job understanding the parameters and the opportunities that are presented by any platform or any concept or distribution that was happening at the time. Then again, would it have helped? One would only hope. People who sit there and say ‘well, this ruined this industry.’ It means you couldn’t keep up.

“Blackberry couldn’t keep up with smartphones, so Blackberry went away. Vinyl Records, though Vinyl is making some sort of a comeback now, but it’s really more of a novelty, Vinyl Records couldn’t keep up with CDs. CDs couldn’t keep up with streaming. Network television can’t keep with Netflix. So either you adapt to the distribution platforms that surround you, or you become obsolete. So would social media have helped ECW? It better have because the obligations would have been on us or we would have gone out of business faster than we did anyway.”

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