Former WWE writer talks about why they got fired


Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide joined Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions this past Thursday. Famuyide discussed the reasons that lead to his dismissal from WWE during the interview.

You can see his comments below:

“I got fired,” Famuyide revealed. “So to be fair, on the creative side of getting ideas together and putting things together, I think I did pretty well. But the WWE, especially on the inside and the executive side, there’s certain things, certain concepts that I just, to be fully transparent, wasn’t catching as quickly as I assumed they would like me to catch. Certain talents, they threw you right on the road. Usually every writer I talked to while I was there was like, ‘oh, I did home team for a bit.’

“Home team is basically where you’re writing the show from Stamford, you’re giving ideas, you’re in the big office every day and you’re just kind of in this think tank of creativity. Whereas the away team is on the road. You’re like a road producer and you’re with the talent all the time. I was thrown on the road immediately. I was hired on a Wednesday and then I was at Money in the Bank Sunday. So it was a lot thrown at me really quickly. And I understand what they were trying to do, it was definitely a trial by fire over there. And I think I succeeded at certain points.”

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