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Which Royal Rumble is the best?

I know what you’re probably thinking, Allan don’t you usually recap AEW stuff? Yes, I do, but I’m taking a little break from that. Believe it or not I used to be a BIG fan of WWE. It’s a known fact that the product has declined, it still has they’re hardcore fan base that will defend the company till they’re blue in the face. Then there’s people like me who don’t watch it anymore but still see some of the things on social media. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just now there’s another alternative that I think is much better. But this isn’t about that. 

This is about the Greatest Royal Rumble ever! In my own opinion I should say. Now a brief history of the Royal Rumble even though everyone should know the history of the Rumble if you call yourself a wrestling fan. The Royal Rumble was an idea brought to life by the first ever Intercontinental Champion Pat Paterson. The idea of the match wasn’t well received at first, but the big man later came around and behold the Royal Rumble was born. It consisted of two men/women starting off the match and having someone else come out in random timed intervals. Since its debut in 1988, there have been currently 39 Royal Rumbles. That’s including all the Women’s Rumbles and the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi. Not including the Rumble that will be taking place on January 29th, 2022. 

This is a ranking of strictly the Royal Rumble match itself and not the entirety of the card. I would like to again warn that this ranking is based off my opinions and memory of them. If you don’t agree or find something wrong with the rankings, please by all means get a hold of me on Twitter @BiggieFallz86 and I would LOVE to debate and talk about the rankings, in a calm manner of course. Now let us rank and countdown ALL the Rumbles from Worst to Best. AND AWAY WE GO!!

39) Royal Rumble 1989 (Winner: John Studd)

I ranked this as the worst because this might be the least talked about Rumble. The only major factor of this Rumble is the fact that it was the start of the breakup of the Mega Powers, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. The winner of this Rumble would go on to be Big John Studd. Even though it’s the second Royal Rumble ever, it was the first Rumble to have 30 men. The first one only had 20 people. Which leads me into the next ranked Rumble.

1989 Royal Rumble

38) Royal Rumble 1988 (Winner: Jim Duggan)

Listen its this low on the rankings simply because it was the first one ever and it was a work in progress situation. Not knocking the winner Hacksaw Jim Duggan (who is from a town 30 minutes from me) but like I said it was a work in progress. There were only 20 men in this match, and it was aired as a special on the USA Network. I think that this was the first and only time where someone who you didn’t think was going to win the whole thing, won the whole thing. You’ll see what I mean as we continue the rankings

37) Royal Rumble 1993 (Winner: Yokozuna)

This was one of those Rumbles when looking at who’s in the match, you know who the winner will be. In the early 90’s Yokozuna was UNSTOPPABLE! I mean hell there was even a special event where superstars tried to body slam the massive man called Yokozuna. So, it was clear from the beginning who the winner of this Rumble would be. Yokozuna would become the 2nd person to win from the coveted number 27 spot.But before Yokozuna would go on to win this match and go on to beat Brett Hart at WrestleMania IX and then immediately lose to Hulk Hogan seconds later, this match saw the debut of another BIG man! His name was Giant Gonzalez! As a kid his debut scared the ever-loving hell out of me and the decimation to the Undertaker was very worrisome. All in all, this was an ok Rumble. Very predictable as are some more on this list to come.

1993 Royal Rumble

36) Royal Rumble 1991 (Winner: Hulk Hogan {2})

Hulkamania at this point is just a few more years from ending its reign in the WWE so its only fitting that Hogan would be the first superstar in history to win back-to-back. This 2nd win would be to build up the match against Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania VII. This Rumble also built up the rivalry between the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage and their career vs career match at WrestleMania VII in which Ultimate Warrior prevailed. That leads into the next Rumble.

1991 Royal Rumble

35) Royal Rumble 1990 (Winner: Hulk Hogan {1})

Speaking of Hogan and Warrior, their interaction in this years Royal Rumble would SKYROCKET their hype into the Title for Title match at WrestleMania VI. Both men at the peak of their popularity would put on a not so great of a match at Mania with the Warrior going over and becoming the first Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion. It was at this Royal Rumble when we could sense the changing of the tides as we enter a new generation of the WWE.

1990 Royal Rimble

34) Royal Rumble 1994 (Winners: Bret Hart & Lex Lugar)

This was a pretty good Rumble all things considered. I mean it had everything, family drama, and even paranormal activities, but we are talking about the Rumble match itself. At a time when the times were changing and so was the face of the company, it was a tough choice on who was going to win this Rumble. I mean you got the very popular Bret Hart or the rising star Lex Lugar. Lugar who was totally gaining traction at the time was originally supposed to be the sole winner of the match, but and audible was called and they decided to go with Bret. Then somewhere sometime along the way it was decided that both men would win the Rumble match. I got to say it was alittle too close to tell which of the men’s feet hit the floor first but I kind of liked how it was co-winners and both men would be getting a shot at the title at WrestleMania X. Lex would get the first shot at Yokozuna and sadly fail, however Bret wouldcapitalize and win the title despite putting on an instant classic of a match against his brother Owen earlier in the night.

33) Men’s Royal Rumble 2021 (Winner: Edge {2})

By no fault of the WWE but this was the most unsurprising Rumbles. I mean there were some returns but without the fans, you really couldn’t tell if it was perceived well. Kane, Carlito and Christian returned but with the pipe in of crowd noise it was hard to decipher who was really meant to be cheered or booed. The main story for this Rumble was Edgewho was returning from a triceps tear and winning from the not so grateful number 1 spot becoming just the “3rd” person in history to win from that spot. I put quotes because well you know… and yes, we will talk about it soon. A cool part of the match was the reunion of Edge and Christian. Christian would then jump ship to AEW a few months after. On to the next Rumble.

32) Women’s Royal Rumble 2021 (Winner: Bianca Belair)

Same thing goes with the previous Rumble we just discussed; this was one of those uncontrollable situations due to the Pandemic where there wasn’t much they could do with no fans in attendance. Nothing against Belair but her winning the Rumble should have happened in front of a crowd. This was also the fourth Women’s Rumble to date, so you knew there wasn’t going to be that many surprisesconsidering they used them up the previous Rumbles. Bianca would become only the 2nd person to win from the number 3 spot and would later have her moment in front of a crowd has she would go on to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania in the night 1 main event against Sasha Banks.

31) Royal Rumble 1996 (Winner: Shawn Michaels {2})

With Hulkamania running wild elsewhere in WCW, it was time to make another superstar go back-to-back. This time in the form of the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. This Rumble was not the main event as that honor went to Bret Hart vs the Undertaker. Also, this Rumble saw the debut of the Ringmaster, who would later go on to become one of the most popular superstars in the history of wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Nothing else memorable about this year’s Rumble but it would once again usher in a new generation of stars.

30) Women’s Royal Rumble 2020 (Winner: Charlotte Flair)

The Rumble before the world shut down. It was a no brainer that the obvious winner of this match must be Charlotte, right? I mean they are building her up to have her father’s legacy. Multiple time champion so why not add a Rumble victory to her legacy. The shocking twist would be who she would choose to face at WrestleMania, which was in fact Rhea Ripleyfor the NXT Women’s Championship in front of absolutely no one! It was sad but necessary. Which leads into the next Rumble.

29) Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 (Winner: Braun Strowman)

What can we say about this event that hasn’t already been said? For one, I am not a fan of these Saudi shows although I do understand from the WWE’s standpoint but let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the 50-man Royal Rumble. Lots of notable things happened in this match. For starters Daniel Bryan started the Rumble and made it to the final 3 and set a record for One Hour and Sixteen minutes in a Rumble match. Will that record ever be broken? Who knows if they’ll do another Rumble like that again? One thing is for sure is that there were a couple of records broken there, one of which will be broken a couple years later in the form of most eliminations. Braun Strowman who entered at number 41 would go on to not only win the whole thing but to get the most eliminations with 13, which was 1 more from the previous record held by Roman Reigns at 12 eliminations. It came down to Braun, Daniel and Big Cass with Cass eliminating Bryan and Strowman eliminating Cass. The only prize for Braun was a trophy. No title shot or nothing. Bryan however would walk away with the most disturbingly beaten red chest I have ever seen! On to the next Rumble!

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