Ranking every Royal Rumble 20-11

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin 20) Royal Rumble 2014 (Winner: Batista {2}) Welcome to the Top 20! And welcome to CM Punk’s last Rumble. I think he was concussed most of this match. Either way this was an exciting Rumble. The shield had a huge presence in this match. In fact,Reigns was in the final fourContinue reading “Ranking every Royal Rumble 20-11”

Ranking every Royal Rumble 28-21

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin 28) Men’s Royal Rumble 2020 (Winner: Drew McIntyre) On to the men’s side of the Rumble before shuttingdown. This was a good Rumble. A big return plus Brock entering at the number 1 spot as champion just to run through the locker room were the main points for this Rumble. ItContinue reading “Ranking every Royal Rumble 28-21”