Ranking every Royal Rumble 10-1

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

10) Royal Rumble 2016 (Winner: Triple H {2})

The ONLY reason this is in the Top 10 is solely for AJ Styles! That guy is pun intended PHEONOMINAL! The pop he got when he debuted at the number 3 spot was insane! Did the WWE capitalize on that reaction and go with a new winner? NOPE! Here comes Triple H. The last person to win from the number 30 spot. I get that it was to build toward a match between Triple H and Roman Reigns. Speaking of Reigns, the vocal point of this Rumble was he was defending the title in what would be only the 2nd Royal Rumble that was for a championship. Let’s continue!

9) Royal Rumble 2003 (Winner: Brock Lesnar)

It’s surprising to me that Brock as only won the Rumble once! He had to earn his way into the match by beating the Big Show in the opening of the night. The push was already on for Lesnar as he would later go on to be the person that ended the streak. This was another fond memory of watching this at a Hooters with screaming fans. Eliminating the Undertaker last was a huge shock and absolutely starting a tremendous rivalry between the two. Let’s move on!

8) Women’s Royal Rumble 2019 (Winner: Becky Lynch)

This was a cool Rumble considering just how popular Becky Lynch was becoming. Lynch earlier in the night lost to Asuka so her involvement in the Rumble wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t until Lana (who was injured on the preshow) who wasn’t able to compete, which opened a spot for Becky to capitalize and beg Finlay to be put in her place. When she was allowed in the match, the place went nuts. She would then go on to win the title against Rhonda Rousey and Charlotte Flair at the longest WrestleMania EVER!! Next Rumble!

7) Royal Rumble 2002 (Winner: Triple H {1})

Queue U2’s Beautiful Day! A couple weeks prior tothis Rumble, Triple H returned from his Quad injuryand announce he would be entering the Royal Rumble. From that moment it should have been clear on who was going to win. This was a star-studdedmatch with the likes of Undertaker, Kane, Angle, Austin and Mr. Freaking Perfect! This was also the rumble where Maven eliminated the Undertaker. Watching this live, I freaked the hell out! Then Maven got his ass kicked and all was right with the world! The final four came down to Angle, Austin, HHH, and Mr. Perfect. Triple H would eliminate Angle to pick up his first Rumble victory. And we roll on

6) Royal Rumble 2005 (Winner: Batista {1})

The ending of this Rumble was kind of insane all things considered. I’m almost certain that it was solely Batista who was supposed to straight up win the match but both men’s feet hit at the same time. Maybe it was planned, who knows? Either way it was too close to tell. Then here comes the boss Vincent K. McMahon. He would make his way to the ring all sorts of mad at the outcome. When he went to jump into the ring under the bottom ropes, his leg hits the apron, and he tore his Quad in BOTH legs. So, if you ever go back and watch this match and see Vince sitting in the ring dictating orders, that’s why! The match was restarted, and Vince was assumably helped to the back, even though you don’t see it on camera. Batista then hits Cena with a spine buster and eliminates him. Both men would go on to win their brands title at that years WrestleMania. Top 5 begins now!

5) Royal Rumble 2006 (Winner: Rey Mysterio)

Welcome to my Top 5! Becoming only the 2nd person in history to win from the number 2 spot, Mysterio would go on to make history that night. Rey lastedand hour and two minutes and twelve seconds (62:12)a record that would be broken twelve years later at the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018. I really enjoyed the outcome of this Rumble. I’m glad that Rey got this moment. Rey would end up winning the title at that years WrestleMania. Much deserved win for Mysterio that year who dedicated those wins to the late great Eddie Guerrero

4) Women’s Royal Rumble 2018 (Winner: Asuka)

It’s time for the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble! They pulled out all the stops for this one. Almostevery woman from the past made their way into the Rumble. Stephanie McMahon was on commentary for this match, and she was not good at all! Alexa Bliss who was the Raw Women’s Champion and Charlotte Flair who was the Smackdown Women’s Champion were sitting by the commentary table watching on. In a surprise, Asuka picked up the win by eliminating Nikki Bella. But that’s not the big take away from this match! Both Alexa and Charlotte would make their way into the ring and stand there while Asuka looked on at them. Moments later Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation hits and out walks former UFC star Ronda Rousey! She makes her way to the ring looks at all three women and points at the WrestleMania sign. She would go on to have a match at WrestleMania just not against any of those three. Rousey would then make history and main event WrestleMania with Becky and Charlotte. Next Rumble!

3) Royal Rumble 2008 (Winner: John Cena {1})

This match started with the same two superstars that were the final two in the previous Rumble. Ironic way to start it but I was digging it. The big favorite to win this was once again Triple H, but WWE swerved us on this one with a huge return. At the number 30 spot John Cena returned from a torn pectoral muscleinjury. He was originally scheduled to miss that years WrestleMania but rehabbed very quickly to make his return. John Cena would set a record that night as the person who won a Rumble in the shortest amount of time at 8:28 surpassing Brock’s record of 8:59. Cena’s return was an actual surprise, which brings us to the number 2 ranked Royal Rumble.

2) Royal Rumble 2010 (Winner: Edge {2})

This Rumble had another shocking return. I have a very fond memory of this Rumble. I had just moved to Florida and just got a TV for my apartment. I had no cable but a DVD player. I bought this Royal Rumble DVD because I missed it live and had no idea the outcome of it until months later when I watched it. I was so shocked and happy to see Edge return. I love Edge! He’s in my top 5 solely because of the history he has in my hometown. And I met him, tremendously amazing guy in person. So wholesome. But enough about my love for Edge. Him winning was perfect because it built up his rivalry with Chris Jericho (once again my pick to win that year) who was partners with Edge before he got injured. The other major storyline in this Rumble was Shawn Michaels quest to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Undertaker was champion at the time and Shawn wanted a rematch at that years WrestleMania so the only way to do that would be to win the Rumble. Shawn sold his lose in the Rumble PERFECTLY! I legitimately felt bad for him. He would indeed get that rematch but screwing over the Undertaker by costing him the title at Elimination Chamber. A match where Jericho would win and go on to face Edge. Ok now if you haven’t figured out my top Royal Rumble then you haven’t been following along much, so here it is!

1) Royal Rumble 1992 (Winner: Ric Flair)

At a young age of 5 years old, the 92 Rumble was the very first WWE I went to live. I got to witness history that afternoon. It’s a memory I will NEVER forget! This was the first time a Rumble match was for the then vacated World Heavyweight Championship, so a lot was on the line in this match. Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were simply AMAZING on commentary this whole match! Bobby who was the advocate (so to say) for Flair was nervous and selling the crap out of it the whole night. It was extremely entertaining! Flair mentioned in his book that he had no idea he would be winning the title and the Rumble until he got to the arena that afternoon. Also let’s not forget that incredible post-match interview he had with the infamous line “With a tear in my eye, this is the greatest moment of my life!”. Flair would go on to lose the title to Randy Savage at that years WrestleMania.

Thus concludes my ranking of EVERY Royal Rumble match in history! Once again, these were based off my opinions and experiences and will gladly debate. Not everyone would agree with these rankings and that’s ok. Check back around WrestleMania season for I will rank all the WrestleMania’s in history.

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