Chris Harris talks about how Sting felt about him playing “Fake Sting” in WCW

Former TNA legend Chris Harris recently spoke to Chris Deez from It’s My Wrestling podcast.

During the interview Harris discussed playing “Fake Sting” in WCW and how the real Sting felt about it.

You can see his comments below:

“Sting was on board, man,” Chris Harris said. “Back in 2000, in WCW, they obviously had taken a look at me because I was getting a lot of matches and I just had that look, I guess the same kind of build and the hair obviously made a big difference. He was doing something with Vampiro at the time. So there were a lot of shots that we were doing. I did some coffin shots where I came out of the coffin as Sting and beat the hell out of Vampiro with a bat.


“There were even some of those where I was in the rafters and got some shots up there. Then the big one was Halloween Havoc 2000 when I came out from under the ring with Sting and got to battle him one on one with that. So I think Sting was on boardwith it. Some of the past Stings, it kind of turned out to be a little bit of a joke. But mine, I feel like was more serious which is they gave me more of a run with it. Sting was the one that painted my face, so it was kind of cool when he was doing it.”

Harris also discussed how he feels that Sting was the one to put TNA on the wrestling map.

“It was very exciting to have him on board. I think he helped put TNA on the map. We did a little something in ’06 where we relived some of his past Sting characters. I was part of that, and then even in 2010 or ’11, I did a little something. If you’re ever looking for a Crow Sting, you know, Chris Harris is your guy.”

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