The top 15 entrance themes in AEW: 15-11

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

I’m back once again with a new list to rank. This time it has to do with the Top 15 AEW theme songs. There are quite a few amazing theme songs in AEW, but I was able to windle it down to 15 of them. I loosely based this ranking on a few things. One being the pop! Talking about the pop or reaction the fans give when the theme plays in the arena. Two, the sound. For example, does the theme song make the fans move or sing to it. And finally, is the song living rent free in your head? Do you find yourself singing it out loud or in your head periodically throughout the day until you must listen to it repeatedly? Just me? Ok thought so. Either way here is my rankings of the Top 15 AEW theme songs. Let’s begin, shall we?

15) Ruby Soho – “Ruby Soho” (Rancid)

Rancid gave Ruby permission to use their song for her AEW run and honestly if Ruby Soho’s theme wasn’t the song Ruby Soho, then someone was a complete idiot, but luckily it is so all is right in the world. When that song started playing as she was the surprise entrant in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out the crowd went nuts! For on that night the destination was known for Ruby Soho.

14) Bryan Danielson – “Born for Greatness”

If you want to be technical Bryan’s theme is called “Flight of the Valkyrie’s” but in AEW they call is “Born for Greatness”. Whatever you decide to call it, we can all agree that this theme is now synonymous with Bryan Danielson. I mean I think he’s legit has had a version of the song throughout his entire career. When I heard his theme play at his debut at All Out, I went absolutely nuts! I mean I had a feeling he would eventually show up at AEW but with Adam Cole debuting minutes before, it was looking a little grim. Then the start of the song hit, and I went crazy. Glad he was able to at least have a version of his song that has made him insanely popular all these years.

13) Jungle Boy – “Tarzan Boy” (Baltimora)

Tony Khan has absolutely no problem buying rights to songs for his talent, especially with the caliber of talent that Jungle Boy has. Tarzan Boy is just the most suitable theme song for Jungle Boy, and I thank TK for shelling out the money for this song. I mean he is a pillar of the company after all! Next theme song.

12) Orange Cassidy – “Where is my mind?” (Pixies)

This is another example of spending money on talent and getting that talent over in a big way! Orange Cassidy who was already popular just keeps on getting more over each week. I think one of the reasons why is his theme by the Pixies. It suits him and the song is very catchy, well to me it is.

11) “Hangman” Adam Page

Are you ready for some cowboy shit? Without a doubt Page is very popular, I mean hell he’s currently the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. I was just as surprised as the crowd that night he returned. The minute his song hit; the fans jumped to their feet. The song is also super catchy. The beat is fantastic. On to the Top 10.

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