The top 15 entrance themes in AEW: 10-6

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

10) Kenny Omega – “Battle Cry”

The buildup for this song gets me amped up every time I hear it. I think they use a couple buildups depending on the significance of the match Omega is having. Either way when you hear “Battle Cry” you know the cleaner is on his way and that your in for a very good performance by Kenny Omega.

9) Jon Moxley – “Wild Thing” (X)

Made popular by the 1989 hit box office movie Major League, Wild Thing was the walk out music for “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn. The crowd in the movie went (pun intended) WILD when the music hit as does the crowd at an AEW show. Once again, a theme song that fits the talent PERFECTLY. It 100% personifies Jon Moxley and how he’s such a loose cannon.

8) FTR – “Darkside of TR”

This theme is incredible! It’s got like a 90’s techno feel to it. Also mixed with a little Midnight Express theme into it. Either way, I love it but, in my opinion,there are seven other themes slightly better than this.

7) Cody Rhodes – Kingdom (Downstait)

There’s room for more than one royal family! And that family is the Rhodes family. The theme screams Cody Rhodes. It’s an interpretation of his career and what he went through to build this company known as AEW. Downstait is also known for doing the Miz’s theme and I’m sure many more. Next theme song!

6) Chris Jericho – “Judas” (Fozzy)

Just BARELY missing the Top 5 is Jericho’s theme song Judas, which is performed by none other than Jericho himself. To write and perform your own theme song is such a badass move. Granted, I’m sure it wasn’t written solely for his entrance theme, but it is cool that he was able to use it as such. I also love how into it the crowd gets when they sing along as Jericho makes his way to the ring. I hope to one day be apart of that sing along. Top 5 here we come!

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