The top 15 entrance themes in AEW: 5-1

By Allan “AWESOME” Proskin

5) CM Punk – “Cult of Personality” (Living Colour)

Before AEW was a thing, I thought that this theme song was the best theme of all time! Then AEW came along and gave us some incredible theme songs and this one got bumped a bunch of spots. The night he came back to WWE when Cena just won the title and now there were two champions, he returned with this song. Not only was the crowd confused on who it was (they didn’t show the video on the screen) but so was Cena. Also, who can forget the time Paul Heyman trolled the WWE Universe and came out to this song. What a heel move by Heyman! With all that aside,fans for seven long years have been chanting his name in hopes to hear that static and the start to Cult of Personality. Then the rumors of Punk’s return spread like wildfire. This led to an INSANE moment on August 20th, 2021, after chanting his name for SEVEN years and getting nothing, we finally hear the song we’ve been dying to hear for a long time. Fans sold out that arena just on a rumor! That’s NUTS!!! Chicago literally erupted in cheers when he made his return to the ring. It is awesome getting to see Punk every week and being able to hear his theme is just amazing! Such a treat.

4) Darby Allin – “I Fell”

Talking about a song that personifies a character, look no further than “I Fell”, Darby’s theme. To me this theme sounds like a mix between ECW’s BallsMahoney’s theme and a very dark emo song from the 2000’s. Either way this song is great and really shows who Darby is.

3) MJF – “Better Than You”

Now, I have heard there’s a version of this song with lyrics. After hearing it, its just Better Than You,repeatedly. I’m talking about the no lyric theme which I think is much better! Currently this theme is my phone ringtone. When his theme hits, you know you are in for a decent promo. Honestly, this theme went back and forth with the number 2 spot in my head MULTIPLE times, but ultimately this is where this theme song belongs. On to the theme that beat this one.

2) Hook – “The Chairman’s Intent”

It’s time to talk about the fastest rising star in AEW today, HOOK! His theme song is AMAZING! It’s got a 90’s underground rap feel to it. I’m calling it right here and now. Hook will be champion by the end of this summer. Whether it be the TNT Championship orhell even the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, Hook will be holding gold before the leaves start falling! On to the best theme song in AEW today! It should be obvious at this point, right?

1) Adam Cole – “All About Tha (Boom)”

BOOM! Without question this theme is the number 1 theme in AEW today! Even in NXT, Cole’s theme songs were incredible! I legit jumped out of my seat watching All Out when he came out. When that arena went dark and it was relatively quiet in the arena and the “YOU KNOW IT’S ALL ABOUT THA BOOM” hit, that place and me went ape shit crazy! The crowd interaction when he does the “BOOM” and “BAY BAY” is quite the site to see and something I really hope to be apart of someday.

That is it for my Top 15 ranking of AEW theme songs! Thank you all for taking the time to read this. It truly means a lot. If you like more of these rankings,please feel free to message me any ideas. You can follow me on twitter @BiggieFallz86. And as always if you think I missed anything or don’t agree with this list, tell me. Thank you again and I’ll see you next time.

Author: Allan “AWESOME” Proskin. Follow Allan on Twitter

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