New Jeff Hardy AEW tease on BTE

By Allan Awesome 

On this week’s episode of BTE, more hints were dropped of Jeff Hardy’s immanent AEW debut. In a segment where Matt Hardy was in the restroom, the Young Bucks once again interrupted him. They talked about how they bought Ring of Honor to give Matt his own wing of the Hall of Fame which he again declined.

Then while Matt Jackson was blocking out the camera by “choking” Brandon Cutler for calling them Power hungry, Matt Hardy was seen wearing his old Ring gear from the Team Extreme days. Hardy told the Bucks that his favorite Ring of Honor moment was when him and a partner of his showed up and beat them for the Tag Team Championships. 

Matt Hardy would then walk off. The Bucks were then standing there saying to themselves that there’s some ENIGMA with Hardy. Nick would then ask if it was a waste to buy Ring of Honor in which Matt Jackson replied “Don’t get to EXTREME here!”

Jeff Hardy’s 90 day non compete clause ends March 9th which is indeed Wednesday night Dynamite. Will we see the charismatic enigma make he AEW debut? Or is this all to troll the fans? Guess we will have to wait and see on Wednesday! 

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