Kevin Owens/Stone Cold Steve Austin update

By Allan Awesome

Time to open one more can of Whoop Ass!

As seen on last night’s Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens officially called out Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania Owens’ will be at the grandest stage of them all for the K.O Show.

Today the Rattlesnake himself answered his challenge via a video he made. He talks about how 19 years ago he had his last match, which was against The Rock. It took 3 Rock Bottoms to put down the Rattlesnake. He didn’t like the way he went out and now it’s time to write that wrong. He goes on to say that maybe it’s time to open one more can of Whoop Ass!

The question we all are asking now is Will it be an actual match? Or will it be just a war of words followed by a Texas sized beat down? Only time will tell but the Rattlesnake HAS accepted and will be at WrestleMania! No word on what night that will be but Stone Cold WILL be there!

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