“Swerve” Strickland says AEW was not his first choice company to sign with

“Swerve” Strickland is now an official member of AEW roster after signing his contract at the Revolution PPV this past Sunday.

Speaking on the Getting Over Podcast, Strickland discussed how he reached out to NJPW before signing his AEW contract.

“My first call was New Japan,” he revealed. “I was on the phone with Rocky Romero and talked with Will Ospreay about it. That’s a little brother to me, he wants me to be over there as much as them.

“My cousin, Will Washington, who helped produce ‘Who We Are’ AEW album, he talks with Tony Khan frequently and does a lot of media scrums as well. He also does the Grapsody podcast with Righteous Reg and Phil Lindsey, shoutout to them. Tony Khan reached out to him because we’re family and was like, ‘what can we do about getting him here?’ That was the bug in the ear. I was happy about interest being there really early on. I didn’t want to just show up there. I’m glad I had the 90 days. It gave me time to go out, travel, build a team, network, meet other people. I went to LA for 12 days and met so many people in the industry and outside the industry, in the music industry, fashion. I’m building a podcast team, a music team.”

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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