Lita wants more matches in WWE

During a recent interview on WWE After The Bell, WWE Hall Of Famer Lita gave an update on what she has been up to since Wrestling Becky Lynch at the Elimination Chamber.

The former WWE Women’s Champion discussed about how she’s been keeping ready incase she gets the call from WWE for another match.

Lita also discussed what fun matches that should could have going forward.

“I workout leisurely, like a lifestyle workout. Obviously, I shifted gears once I got the call for Rumble. I did decide that, my body feels better when I pull the leisurely down a little bit. I do want to continue to train, not actively for a championship, but knowing the way that WWE works, you get those opportunities a lot of times without notice. One thing I wish, is that I would have had a little bit more time to prepare. If I’m closer to being ready, my body already feels good, and if there is an opportunity to seize that fifth title run, I’m ready,”

I’m honestly taking this all as it comes. I’d be stoked to do something else, where as prior, I’d be like, ‘No, no, no.’ Now, I’m questioning, ‘were you being honest without yourself or this is just how you felt then and this is how you feel now.’ I’m all about changing your opinion of don’t back yourself into a corner just because you said I’m done or not done.”

“It more so has to do with, being in the Rumble and the women I touched in there, so briefly, being like, ‘they’re really strong’ or ‘they’re really good.’ Seeing them inside the ring, work, vs from television, and seeing how deep and talented the roster is, there are so many possibilities of great matchups that I would enjoy and fans would enjoy. I wouldn’t say it’s Pandora’s box of ‘let me in there, anyone, anytime, let’s do this.’ We could think about this and there be some fun matchups that lead to this cool cross-generational experience, not only for the women in the locker room but fans too.”

Transcript: Fightful

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