Booker T questions why Tony Khan is going to book ROH

Tony Kan has made it clear that he will be booking Ring Of Honor after purchasing the promotion. However WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T questioned the AEW President’s decision during his Hall Of Fame Podcast.

“Well, I don’t understand the idea of Tony Khansaying he’s going to book the shows at ROH,” Booker T said. “Because you’ve already got a company over here. Why would you want to do something like that, first of all? There again, it’s just going to be us doing shows. Why do something like that when you’ve got a company over here that does shows? I don’t get it, I don’t understand it. But maybe here in the future, we will all know exactly what the hell is going on.”

“With wrestling, there again, when I have just about every wrestler under my banner out there on my programming, which is AEW, why would I try to fuel another roster? That’s what I am talking about,” he said. “That part right there is the hardest part, I think, in wrestling, creating the show through and having really, really good wrestlers on the show. When you’ve got them all, what are you going to get them? That’s the question. I am just trying to figure this thing out.”

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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