Pete Dunne debuts on Smackdown with new gimmick & name

Author: Michael Nunn

WWE are at it again! Former NXT United Kingdom champion, Pete Dunne, has had his name changed to Butch. 

As you can imagine this has caused outrage from the WWE universe, many wondering if this could be the beginning of the end of the man formerly known as the ‘Bruiserweight’ in WWE.

However this may just prove to be a small bump in the road for a man as talented as Pete Dunne. Name changes are common place in the WWE, and they can often lead to good things, just ask WWE Hall of Famer’s Isaac Yankem (Kane) and the Ringmaster (Stone Cold Steve Austin).

So while the name may sound ridiculous, let’s just hope, the move to smackdown and the pairing with a brilliant veteran like Sheamus and his former NXT partner, Ridge Holland, will lead to good things for Butch.

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Photo Credit: WWE

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