Jeff Hardy explains why he walked out of WWE House Show before being released

Jeff Hardy continues to make headlines in the world of professional wrestling after making his AEW debut this past Wednesday.

Jeff joined his brother on the The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast this week & talked that infamous night back in December when he walked out of a match during a WWE House Show.

“It felt right in the moment, I wasn’t trying to get released,” Jeff said. “Just thinking about Survivor Series and how fun that was, that connection with the crowd and how they wanted me to win so bad. It just made me think back to SummerSlam, I went to SummerSlam and it was a big crowd in this stadium in Vegas and I was there all day for nothing. I was like why am I even here?”

“I was so excited about being a part of it, some little spot or something but I just wasn’t involved. I was like why am I even here? And that’s not just at SummerSlam but like why am I still here in WWE? What’s my purpose because it felt like I didn’t have much of one.”

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Photo Credit: AEW

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