Jonah claims he was promised top spot in NXT

During a conversation with Sami Callihan on the Callihan Uncensored podcast, former NXT star Jonah claimed he had been promised the top spot in NXT.

“Very top, world champion. That’s where I’ve always wanted to be and that’s where I still have my goals set. I set goals as they go and build my way up and as for that company that shall not be named, I was destined to become the top guy in the black and gold brand. That’s what was supposed to happen. That’s what was promised. But as we all know, promises don’t get kept a lot in professional wrestling. So now it’s all on my own shoulders and I have to make sure I live up to that hype.”

Despite being the North American Champion for 42 days Jonah was mostly booked on the lower card in NXT.

Transcript: Fightful

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Photo Credit: WWE

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