DDP calls AEW match “The Match Of The Decade”

During the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pitpodcast, WWE Hall Of Famer DDP called the match between Cody Rhodes & his Brother Dustin “the match of decade”

“That match was old school and new school mixed the way it needs to mix to really do something,” DDP said. “Vince would’ve never given them that opportunity because he didn’t believe in it. But he went out there and he proved it, and to me, it’s the best match of the decade. The match that those two guys had was, you know, the fans. That’s why I love the AEW fans. They remind me so much of the ECW fans, just different. But they were in it from the entrances to the finish. And those guys, it was blood, sweat, and tears. Like, for real, they just went out there and killed it.”

The match took place at the very first ever AEW PPV Double or Nothing back in 2019.

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Photo Credit: AEW

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