Thunder Rosa says Brock Lesnar segment made fun of her culture

During a conversation with NBC Sports Boston’s Ten Count, Newly crowned AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa talked about her mariachi entrance on Dynamite.

Rosa also discussed about a previous segment on Smackdown with Brock Lesnar & a mariachi band. Thunder Rosa talked about how she felt the segment made fun of her culture.

“Everybody’s going to criticize no matter what,” Rosa said. “Even on Wednesday, people were criticizing. ‘Why are you guys, why? It’s so much blood. Why is it so much, why are you so violent? Why is this? Why is that?’ It’s like, people are programmed a certain way and they have been programmed for professional wrestling for decades to be a certain way because of how things have been handled before.

“I can tell you, I read about me bringing the Mariachi and I remember Brock Lesnar making fun of Eddie Guerrero with that. And that hurts because they were making fun of my culture before. And on Wednesday, I represented our culture properly; with honor and with respect. Because people were, ‘oh, Mariachi, fun. Like, let’s make fun of Mexicans.’

“It’s the same with women. People used to make fun of us all the time. We used to be the popcorn match all the time because that was how people have been programmed for so long. Not anymore. We’re working really, really hard guys. You guys can criticize us all you want, but we’re working really hard in every single company, I feel, because we’re changing things little by little.

“And I tell you, by taking that to a next level, I run a women’s promotion on purpose. So people can see we’re not a popcorn match. Every single match is a banger, you know? And I have one exhibition match and that’s a men’s match on purpose, you know? So like I said, give us time, it’s going to happen.”

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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Photo Credit: AEW

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