Jade Gargill responds to people who want to see her in WWE

During an interview on Complex Unsanctioned, current AEW TBS Champion Jade Gargill talked about fans who want to see her wrestle in WWE one day.

Gargill talked about how she feels currently that AEW is a better fit for her and her career at the moment.

“I’m indifferent about it. I think AEW, we have more hardcore wrestling fans and I think WWE is more of the glitz and glamour, which I love that. Obviously, I’m about the glitz and glamour and I could see how that would be an easier pill to swallow for fans than for me to be at such a hardcore wrestling base like AEW.”

“But I like where I’m at. I made a choice, I stuck with my choice and I would never, ever, ever, ever get the debut that I got here at AEW if I had gone to WWE. Like, I would never.”

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Photo Credit: AEW

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