MJF say he may leave AEW to make real money soon

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, AEW star MJF discussed Cody Rhodes leaving the company and the possibility of himself leaving in 2024 to make “real money”

“I wish him the best of luck, I really do,” MJF said. “I hope he finds happiness and I hope he makes a boatload of money, you know. Have we had our issues in the past? Absolutely. Do I love him as a human being? Maybe not, but I respect him as a businessman. Look, this is the same guy who, you know, I whipped several times as I watched his wife cry and weep.

“I’m not saying we’re buddies. I’m not saying I like the guy. But what I am saying is that I respect what he’s doing as a businessman, and quite frankly, by 2024, if people have an issue with me leaving to go and make real money, then me and him are going to be fighting on the exact same island.”

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Photo Credit: AEW

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