Ace Austin signs contract extension with Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling star Ace Austin has signed a contract extension with the company.

Austin broke the news during an interview with Brad Gilmore of Sportskeeda.

“I’m super excited but it’s unfinished business,” he said. “The two-time X Division Champion, 2021 Super X cup, 2020 Match of the year, 2020 X Division star of the year but that list isn’t long enough for me. We’ve still got a lot more ahead here with Impact Wrestling.”

“It’s just the place to be right now. It’s the best environment backstage that I personally experienced and I got some experience in different locker rooms,” he said. “It’s the place that has been my home and it has been such a launching point for me and like I said, there’s unfinished business. It wasn’t time to leave yet after three years. I accomplished a lot but I didn’t accomplish everything that I said I would and that’s very important to me.”

Ace Austin first signed with Impact Wrestling back in 2019 & is a former X-Division Champion.

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