The top 5 Wrestlemania entrances of all time

Author: Michael Nunn

It is Wrestlemania week and to help everyone get in the mood for the most ‘Stupendous’ two night Wrestlemania in history, I thought I would list my personal top 5 Wrestlemania entrances. There are a few names on this list that have had multiple entries, but I have decided to not name anyone more than once.

5. The New Day- Wrestlemania 32

The New Day are known for being incredibly entertaining, this entrance was exactly that! At this time The New Day we’re pushing their own breakfast cereal Booty O’s and there entrance would start with a giant box of the cereal on the stage, when the box fell, out tumbled the Booty O’s and Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E dressed as ‘Sayans’ from Dragon Ball Z! I am not ashamed to say I popped for this entrance as a massive fan of DBZ and The New Day.

4. The Undertaker- Wrestlemania 20

The Undertaker has had so many fantastic entrances throughout his illustrious career, but arguably none were as good as his entrance at Wrestlemania 20. In the ring stood his brother Kane, who had recently buried the ‘Deadman’ alive! The famous gong would hit and we would see the return of the late great Paul Bearer, with his iconic Urn is hand. The Undertaker would then make his entrance, slowly walking to the ring, through the middle of hooded figures all holding burning torches. 

3- Triple H- Wrestlemania 30

Triple H could of taken up all 5 spots on this list, and it would be been acceptable! ‘The Game’ is the king of the elaborate Wrestlemania entrance. This particular entrance would see him on a throne dressed in an impressive looking red and gold cloak with a golden skull helmet, he was flanked by 3 young unknown women, who would go on to become 3 of the greatest female performers of all time in WWE, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. In the end Triple H would fall victim to the power of the ‘Yes Movement’ and lose to Daniel Bryan, but his fantastic entrance will not be forgotten.

2 John Cena- Wrestlemania 23

John Cena is another who has had multiple iconic Wrestlemania entrances, but my personal favourite was his entrance at Wrestlemania 23. At the beginning we would see a shot of a beautiful Ford Mustang, making its way to Ford Field at speed! The car would find its way to the ramp
way and drive straight through a glass Wrestlemania logo, then the ‘champs’ music would hit and he would go on to have a classic match with the man who will be featured next on my list!

1. Shawn Michaels- Wrestlemania 12

Simply put, this is the most iconic entrance in the history of the wrestling industry. ‘HBK’ would fly down to the ring from the roof of the Honda Center on a zip wire! Vince McMahon would proclaim “That’s 100 feet in the air” it was so impressive and is still the most talked about entrance in wrestling, 26 years later.

There have been so many iconic entrances at Wrestlemania over the years. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come on the ‘Grandest stage of them all’.

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