Cody Rhodes talks about why he went back to WWE

Shortly after his stunning win over Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania last night Cody Rhodes was a guest on The Ringer.

Rhodes talked about why he decided to go back to WWE after 6 years, Vince McMahon’s involvement on his return and how he feels about meeting Nick Khan.

“One of the most special parts of it was Bruce and Vince flew down to meet me,” Rhodes revealed. “If that meeting had not led to anything, if it was just a conversation about wrestling or sports entertainment, it would been great closure for the last loop – because I left here on the worst of terms. I talked all the smack on earth – but none of it mattered. It was just a case of [Vince] telling me, ‘you went out and did it.’”

“”But it’s pretty clear what I came back to do,” Rhodes said. “There’s unfinished business for my family, and something we never got. And I want to be the one to get it.”

“He is the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life,” Rhodes said of Khan. “It was so nice to have him, the Chairman and Bruce all come in [to meet me]. The courtship felt so good, it really did.”

Rhodes also talked about how WWE officials didn’t want to change his look from AEW.

“I remember saying, ‘I have to be me. It has to be Kingdom [theme music], it has to be the American Nightmare, all of it.’ To hear Vince say, ‘well, it’s not broke, that’s what we’re buying’ felt like vindication. It felt so good.”

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