Toni Storm almost retired from wrestling before joining AEW

During the most recent episode of AEW Road To, Toni Storm talked about how she almost retired from professional wrestling after she left WWE.

Recently, I planned on retiring from the wrestling industry, which is something I never considered in my entire life. I’ve put my entire life into becoming the best professional wrestler I could be. I lost that part of myself and it brought on a lot of feelings of emptiness and sadness that I can’t even describe. I traveled the entire world to be good at this. Just like Owen Hart did. AEW is home to the best women’s division on the planet. I just qualified for the Owen Hart women’s tournament. For the first time ever, I can truly say that I am home,”

Toni Storm defeated The Bunny when she made her debut and qualified for the Owen Hart Women’s tournament.

Transcript: Fightful

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Photo Credit: AEW

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