Tony Khan reveals what WWE PPV inspired his booking for ROH Supercard Of Honor

AEW President Tony Khan was a recent guest on Rasslin.

During the Interview khan revealed that he took inspiration from ECW One Night Stand for his recent booking for the ROH Supercard Of Honor PPV.

“I felt like I wanted to strike while the iron was hot with Ring Of Honor, not do like cold tribute matches. But on the other hand, One Night Stand is one of the greatest PPVs, because they captured the spirit of ECW, and there was a lot of exciting stuff on the show. Apples and oranges, they’re totally different shows,” Tony Khan said. “I thought, ‘hey, we can do a show that captures the spirit of AEW. I don’t want to do an AEW show.’ That is what was great about One Night Stand, it was not a WWE show.”

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Photo Credit: AEW

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