Britt Baker Talks About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW

During a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp, former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker discussed Cody Rhodes’ departure from AEW “From the day he wasn’t at Dynamite anymore, up until the announcement officially got released, obviously, people were saying this and that backstage. Everyone was talking about it, but nobody believed it ‘cause it justContinue reading “Britt Baker Talks About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW”

Ricky Starks Talks About AEW’s Growing Roster

During a recent with Forbes, AEW star Ricky Starks discussed AEW’s growing roster and how he simply sees it as another hurdle to overcome in his career. “I like the challenge because I think I can have chemistry with anybody I wrestle,” Starks told Forbes. “And so I think it’s cool to have such aContinue reading “Ricky Starks Talks About AEW’s Growing Roster”

Update On FTR’s Contracts In AEW

WWE might be showing interest in bringing back FTR but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Fightful Select have updated their original report to say that FTR currently have over a year left on their contracts within AEW There is no word if FTR would be interested in going back to WWE after leavingContinue reading “Update On FTR’s Contracts In AEW”