Fantasy booking the AEW X NJPW: Forbidden Door Match Card

Author: Alfonso Siman

It’s finally happening. AEW owner Tony Khan revealed on AEW Dynamite that the first supershow between his organization and New Japan Pro Wrestling will take place in the United Center on June 26.

Without a doubt, this could be one of the world’s largest cross-promotional Supershows. Clearly, the first thing every wrestling fan did when they heard the news was to salivate about the possibilities of dream matches coming to fruition.

I’m going to try to share with you my Ultimate dream card for this event. The difficult part was trying to come up with only 10 matches, but here they are.

CM Punk vs Kenta

Given the event’s location in Chicago, it’s safe to assume Punk will face a high-profile opponent. From a historical perspective, this is the match that fans have been waiting for years, and now they can finally watch it. Punk middling with NJPW is very trilling, but when we talk about dream matches that need to happen is this one. GTS vs GTS, CM Punk against Kenta for the bragging Rights. 

Bryan Danielson Vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre is so well-known in modern technical wrestling that he has earned the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s annual Best Technical Wrestler award for the past seven years. He’s only two short of breaking Bryan Danielson’s record, which he set between 2005 and 2013, and for which the honor is now known as the Bryan Danielson Award.

The best technical wrestlers in the world should be an easy match to build. ZSJR has already called out the American Dragon, and maybe this is the year he gets it.

Bryan Danielson vs Shibata

Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki’s AEW Rampage pre-show encounter demonstrated the former’s ability to adapt to any match style and his willingness to take harsh punishment.

In a fantastic and physically demanding match, Danielson overcame Suzuki. In an ideal matchup, Bryan Danielson can plummet to the depths of his almost limitless arsenal and dish out offensive, hitting Shibata with strikes and submissions.

Shibata is a wildcard pick among all the viable options, Shibata, like Danielson, had to quit due to a career-ending injury. A battle between Danielson and Shibata would be an obvious match of the year candidate, and another demonstration of how well the American Dragon would fit into the hard-hitting realm of Japanese wrestling.

Adam Page vs Okada

Champ against Champ. If Page is still the Champ, he should be facing the top Champ. Kazuchika Okada, the reigning and defending IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, should meet the guy who stands on the same mountaintop as him. Buckshot Lariat vs. Rainmaker! As simple as that.

Kenny Omega vs Jay White.

The last time Kenny Omega and Jay White had a match, was at NJPW’s The New Beginning in Sapporo 2018 Event for the IWGP U.S. Championship. Jay White won and took the title from Omega, it was a huge battle of epic proportions. Now imagine the pop if Omega comes back and confronts Jay White, who seems to have power over the Bullet Club thanks to his “friend” Adam Cole.

FTR vs The Young Bucks vs G.O.D. vs The Briscoe Brothers

These four tag teams brawling would make for a compelling battle, not only inside the ring, but the promos would also up the ante and get fans from both promotions interested.

The Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa). Tama Tonga are always trying to prove that they are the best tag team in the world, and right now there are 4 tag teams that could make that claim. 

The G.O.D. have been outspoken members of the Bullet Club, dismissing the Elite’s superiority, now they should prove it in the ring. NJPW and AEW could mix any of these 4 teams inside a ring, and they will have magic from the start.

Ishii vs Miro

AEW and NJPW both have a bunch of big, powerful, meaty boys on their rosters that could encounter each other at this event, but for me there is a wrestler that I’m dying to see back in the ring and out of the “purgatory.”

Tomohiro Ishii, seems like the perfect start for Miro comeback.

Samoa Joe vs Takagi

When Samoa Joe fought and battered Minoru Suzuki on Dynamite last week, AEW fans got a taste of what dream bouts lay ahead for him. With the ROH World Television Championship in his possession, he should be ready to face anyone, so why not Takagi?

Hook vs Suzuki

Hook has wowed fans since his debut, right now he has been put into a comical rivalry with Danhausen.

I love comedy and pro wrestling, and if done in the correct amount and context with the right talent, it can be great. But a talent and prospect like Hook needs to show his wrestling side more, squash matches are good, but I want to see the real wrestler behind the Goldberg treatment.

And maybe it’s time to see Hook, face a high profile wrestler just to see how he fares against it. The murder Grampa from NJPW could prove a problem for Hook, but if he manages to out wrestle him, we could see Hook up a running and maybe moving to a mid-card title picture soon.

Evil Uno vs Evil

This one writes itself. A good pre-show match just for the sake of it.

After this list, I can firmly say that AEW should make the Forbidden Door PPV a two night event. These are only 10 dream matches of many more I have in my head…what are yours? Tell me on Twitter or leave us a comment

























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