FTR Comments On WWE’s Interest In Them

During a recent interview on the Renee Paquette on The Sessions, FTR talked about the potential interest that WWE have in bringing the duo back in the future.

“I think we know about as much as everyone else does. We left that place because they didn’t put a focus on tag team wrestling and we knew there was a ceiling to where we could go in the company. We wanted to do more. We wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time. We had to leave there to do that and we knew that. That’s why we were so insistent on them getting us our releases. Now, I see the screenshot of all the different news outlets saying they want to re-sign us and that’s flattering and cool, we got some more time. I told Tony (Khan), because obviously, he heard about it, I told him, ‘There is no way we would ever talk contracts with anybody while we’re working for him.’ We have way too much respect for him and our word means something. I started thinking, do they want us or do they want AEW to not have us? It’s cool for Cody (Rhodes) to do what he’s done, but there are so many unknowns there. Will they ever focus on tag team wrestling like we’ve been able to for the last two years? Money is not everything for us. I do have a family, so I have to take care of them, but it’s not all about the money, it’s about what we leave behind for wrestling,” said Dax.

Cash said about the interest, “I was driving to the airport when he sent me the screenshot. I was like, ‘is this legit? is this a real thing?’ That’s how I found out, sitting at the airport, getting ready to board the flight, I’m thinking about how crazy this all is and how crazy this year has been. This is one more thing where I’m like, how is this real? I don’t know how much has changed there as far as what we want tag team wrestling to be. We’re getting to show everybody what tag team wrestling can be and what our vision is. It’s buzzed about right now. Tag teams are killing it everywhere, not just us. We’re at the top of that, obviously, but tag team wrestling, in general, is killing it right now and is creating buzz and we have some of the best tag teams we’ve had at the same time in the past couple of decades. Everyone in New Japan, IMPACT, AEW, WWE, MLW, there are so many ridiculously talented teams and we’re getting to help put a focus on that and that’s what we’ve always wanted to do. I was blown away when I read it and it makes you think about a bunch of different things, but right now, we’re getting to paint what we see wrestling’s tag team picture as and I’m happier than I’ve been. I make more money than I have and I don’t want to think about anything other than that and making tag team wrestling and ourselves the best ever. I have two things that are high on the list for me. We want to be the first-ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions. Until then, or after then, we want the IWGP Tag Team Titles. That’s very important to us and something we wanted to do for a while and wanted to make sure we do it right. We haven’t tried to do anything where we waste it because when we do it, we want tag team wrestling to be talked about and buzzed about. We think that can be something that is cool.”

Transcript: Fightful

Photo Credit: AEW

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