Cody Rhodes Says AEW Exists Because Of Him

During a recent interview on WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, Cody Rhodes talked about his time away from WWE.

Rhodes talked about AEW fans burning his shirts and how he feels the company exists because of him.

“It was unique to see a lot of people burning like my old AEW shirts which was a trend for a few days on social so it felt like you were kind of leaving a sports team. It didn’t break my heart but I thought it was odd because the place doesn’t exist without me. There’s other people that needed to be there for it to exist for sure but I am one of the people that that place exists because of. AEW exists partially because of me. I saw a few times the term ‘sold out’ and I thought like you have this, it’s great.”

Transcript: WrestlingInc


Photo Credit: AEW

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