Another Term Gets Added To Vince McMahon’s Banned Word List

Dave Meltzer has claimed that the term non-title is now banned from being used on WWE television.

“non-title” is on the WWE banned list of words. Meltzer said, “Well, they can’t say non-title. That’s a banned term.”

The reference was for the match between Mustafa Ali vs The Miz & Theory which was billed as a non-title championship contenders match.

You can see the full list of banned words and phrases in WWE below:

– blood
– choke
– belt
– strap
– diva
– head shot
– trauma
– kayfabe
– Mofos
– house show
– DQ
– The Anti-Diva
– spinal injuries
– victim
– violence
– violent
– wrestling
– wrestlers
– wifebeater
– curb stomp
– phases that include the word “push” and “over”
– babyface
– heel
– job
– jobber
– card
– strangle
– kill
– murder

Photo Credit: WWE

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