Big Update On Stu Grayson Possibly Leaving AEW

Dave Meltzer has reported that AEW star and Dark Order member Stu Grayson’s contract with the company has expired.

Meltzer went on to state that it is unknown if Grayson has left the company or if talks about a new contract are ongoing.

“He was removed from the roster page and the story that I’m getting is his contract expired, which is the same as Marko Stunt, Joey Janela, and Jack Evans whose names were removed from the roster page because their contracts expired. The only word kinda going around is that they failed to come to terms on a new agreement.”

“I don’t know if that means they’re still talking or if that was one of the decisions made not to renew him. I can see it in a sense that they have so many guys on the roster and he’s been there for 3 years and there’s just so many guys. But on the flip side, Joey Janela wanted out, Marko Stunt kind of wasn’t used anymore. Jack Evans was good, but the thing with Stu Grayson is in the ring, the guy’s great. […] But he wasn’t a guy that got over great but as a technical wrestler he was really, really good.”

Transcript: Inside The Ropes

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