Thunder Rosa Says Women Should Have Separate Locker Rooms From Men

During an interview on the Under The Ring podcast, AEW Women’s Champion talked about how female talent should be given separate changing rooms at independent wrestling events.

“This last Saturday, we had the only female-run show at WrestleCon that ran an all-female show. We were super organized, it just felt so good,” she said. “And one of the veterans that came and visited it was like, ‘I really like the locker room, because it was relaxed, everybody was there. And when some issues arose, it wasn’t brushed under the rug, you guys took care of it.’

“When I go to a locker room, and there’s not a space for us to change, especially on the independent scene… I’ll be like, ‘I need a room for my five, six girls. They need to be changed in a place where they can take their clothes off, and they don’t feel like everybody is watching, and they don’t need to be putting a towel on.’ We have the right to do that, it’s 2022.”

Photo Credit: AEW

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