Eric Bischoff Calls CM Punk The Biggest Financial Flop In The History Of Wrestling

Eric Bischoff continued to take shots at CM Punk this week on his 83 Weeks Podcast.

During the episode Bischoff talked about the recent heated debate he had with Punk on Twitter. You can read more about it HERE

Bischoff even went as far as claiming Punk was the “biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling.”

You can see his comments below:

“I wasn’t picking a fight, I was responding,” Bischoff said. “Punk had some very edgy comments that I’m assuming were directed to me because they were in response to something [Conrad] and I said in a very interesting conversation about current wrestling, WWE and AEW. But evidently, he got a little case of the a**-rash and decided to lash out on social media.”

“I love that sh**, I love to counter punch. Sometimes I don’t really wake up until I’ve been hit really hard, it’s just my nature but he threw a punch on social media and I thought this would be fun so I responded. I pointed out that this was a guy who came out and said that for a guy who thinks he was a bigger deal than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash coming to WCW, so far he’s fallen flat on his face.”

“I published his quote, I didn’t make anything up. I took his quote and posted it and said how’s that working out? Which it isn’t, obviously. In terms of a return on investment, this guy has to be the biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling.”

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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