Adam Cole Reveals Big Reason Why He Left WWE For AEW

Speaking at the Motor City Comic Con earlier this month, Adam Cole revealed that one of the biggest reasons he joined AEW was to be around Britt Baker more.

“One of the biggest things was getting to be around and see Britt a lot more, At the time, our schedules were so different that there’d be some times that I’d see her for maybe half a day, one day a week. Sometimes I wouldn’t see her for weeks at a time. So getting to travel with her and just being behind the curtain when she walks through after she’s done a match or a promo is really nice.”

Cole also talked about how watching the AEW product made him want to wrestle in front of AEW fans.

“It just looked like so much fun,” Cole recalled. “You know, I had known tons of people on the roster, but to see these crazy, wild crowds every single week, I was like, ‘God, I’d love to wrestle in front of these fans.’”

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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