Paul Wight Talks About Naomi & Sasha Banks Walking Out Of WWE

During an appearance on Submission Radio, Paul Wight gave his thoughts on Naomi & Sasha Banks walking out of WWE.

“For me to speculate on all of that would just be absurd, because I don’t know. I haven’t talked to Naomi, I haven’t talked to Mercedes either. I think every talent…fans forget, there are keywords used every time, there’s opportunity and all these different things, but this is still a business. As much as we love and everyone has a passion for this business, it comes down to a lot of times making business decisions. Sometimes a talent believes strongly in something they have to take that stand. I’ve never been put in a position where I felt like I had to make that choice. My attitude was always very different in wrestling. I signed a contract, they pay me to do this. Whatever they want me to do. Whether it’s getting knocked out by a mechanical bull, wear a mawashi, and have my a** hang out at WrestleMania and have a sumo match.”

“That was never a thing for me where I was so worried about my character. I’ve caught grief for that over the years too. I’ve sold too much for these people, I’ve done too much for other people. Everybody’s got an opinion. I always approached this business and never forgot the golden rule, that it’s entertainment, it’s not real, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you do last week, most people won’t remember in three or four weeks. If they do remember it, then that’s a good thing, because you’ve made an impact on a fan. Everyone looks at this business differently. They all have their own business choices and opinions. I just hope obviously that Sasha and Naomi find a way to work things out because they’re two incredible talents that fans really enjoy seeing. The only sad thing out of the whole scenario would be them not being able to entertain the fans that I know that they both are very passionate about and love doing. Again, all you can do is sit back and wait and see what happens.”

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