Eddie Kingston Talks About Why He Thinks Bryan Danielson Is A “Judgemental Prick”

During an interview with with Joe Roderick, AEW star Eddie Kingston gave his honest opinion on what he truly thinks of Bryan Danielson.

I’ve known Bryan [Danielson] longer than Mox and he’s been a piece of shit since I’ve met him. I’m not gonna lie to you guys and be like ‘Oh yeah, we’re best buds’. Bryan [Danielson] should be on so many, just on a lot of Mount Rushmores for wrestling. You can go independents, you can go now, if you’re talking about technical wrestlers, all of this stuff. . Bryan [Danielson] is in the GOAT discussion with anybody. But I’m not a mark, I’m not a fan. I’m not a stan. If I think you’re a bad person, or for Bryan, I think he’s a judgemental prick. He judges people. So I don’t like Bryan, there ya go.”

Photo Credit: AEW

Transcript: Fightful

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