Kurt Angle Talks About Vince McMahon Allowing Him To Use Banned Moves

During his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Kurt Angle talked about Vince McMahon allowing him to perform certain banned moves in the early 2000s.

Angle was allowed to perform moves such as the belly-to-belly and German suplex which were banned at the time due to the risk of neck injuries occurring.

“Well, not for me in particular, because Vince McMahon pulled me aside and told me, ‘Listen, I know that 90% of your repertoire is suplexes, and I want you to keep them because I know you’re safe with them. You never land anybody on their head, and I trust you that you will continue to do a good job.’ So he allowed me to continue to do my belly-to-belly suplex and my German suplexes.

The thing is, I was really grateful that I didn’t have to take them out of my repertoire because that’s what I did. That’s my offense. Thank god Vince McMahon continued to let me use it.”

Photo Credit: WWE

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