Booker T Doesn’t Think AEW Would Be A Good Fit For Sasha Banks

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed the potential of Sasha Banks going to AEW if she is released from WWE.

The WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t believe it would be in Sasha’s best interest to jump to AEW outside of feuding with Britt Baker.

“As far as Tony Khan making that phone call quick … I know people are going to take this the wrong way, but … I really don’t know if AEW is the place for Sasha Banks.”

“After Sasha go and work Britt Baker, where does she go from there?” Booker questioned. “That’s what I’m saying, and I’m not throwing any shade on Thunder Rosa, you know, Nyla Rose or any of those other girls.”

Photo Credit: WWE

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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