Killer Kross & Scarlett Won’t Be Returning To Impact Wrestling

During an appearance on The Wrassingh Show, Killer Kross confirmed that himself & Scarlett Bordeaux have no intentions of returning to Impact Wrestling.

“Respectfully, neither of us will be returning. For the record, many of our friends work there, we are very happy for the success that they are finding. We’ve had many people in our corner for years that still work for that company. We have never ever been on record to say anything derogatory or negative about any company we’ve ever worked for. That’s beneath us. There are a lot of people involved, with companies per se, and when you have a problem with one or two or three people, it’s not necessarily a systemic issue. We’re happy for everybody’s success and we don’t live in that place anymore. We are always moving forward. We leave it behind us and that’s really all I have to say about it,”

Transcript: Fightful

Author: Craig Smith

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