Alexa Bliss Talks About The State Of Her WWE Character

During an interview with the Metro, WWE star Alexa Bliss talked about the current state of her character on television.

“I’m this limbo right now,” Bliss recently admitted to Metro. “I don’t really know where I’m going with my character yet. I kind of evolved so many times in the last nine years, I feel like I’ve had more characters than any other woman on the roster. So now, it’s finding where I fit, what character is needed for the show. Right now, I’m just me, and I don’t like that for TV. I like me for me outside in life, but for TV – Lexi is not entertaining.”

“I’m stuck trying to figure out what that is,” Bliss said. “Especially after therapy, after taking away all the aspects of what the dark, evil Alexa was, but still having Lilly and being able to understand that Lilly is now an accessory, not as a focal point,”

“It’s finding that creative process of trying to figure out what’s gonna be, one, fun for me, two, what’s gonna relate to an audience, and what’s gonna be easy for the writers to write for,” she explained.”

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